Dream On

by Peter Daltrey


Sold Out

Wig Out: Daltrey still possesses that magical voice from yesteryear which is why the album stands the test of time so well. ****

Bucketful of Brains: The voice on `Dream On` is instantly recognisable. A melodic earful of `Dust` or `Roundway Hill` will bring it all back home as Daltrey unravels his tender tales in a miraculously untarnished voice amidst gentle melodies. Those with a real feel for the magic of Kaleidoscope and (specifically) Fairfield Parlour will succumb to its spell. Technology notwithstanding, `Tender is the night` and `Ravenswing` with its crystalline harpsichord, echo tracks from `White-Faced Lady.` The passage of time is generally unacknowledged; on the inlay the photo seems to be from the early Sixties, an era lyrically evoked by the strongest cut, `Dust.` Other themes might have been lifted from the Fairfield Parlour songbook, circa 1970. The song remains the same, indeed, rosy-tinted nostalgia the order of the day.

`Dream On` sleeve notes: This is a twelve song gem with Peter Daltrey`s imaginative, literate lyrics and his undiminished gift for a memorable melody or two, very much to the fore. His pure and gentle voice soars over a lush and melodically modern production. The re-imergence of Daltrey from musical retirement is a welcome one and `Dream On` is a worthy beginning.

Unknown Publication: The one striking highlight of `Dream On` is that Peter`s voice has not suffered since the early Seventies and at times tracks on `Dream On` sound like they would not be out of place on `White-Faced Lady.` An autobiographical feel seems to run through the album. `Dream On` is an essential purchase for the lovers of Kaleidoscope and Fairfield Parlour.


released October 20, 2014

Written, performed & produced by Peter Daltrey

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