English Roses

by Peter Daltrey



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Zabadak: We restate that here (on `English Roses`) there is great beauty (gasp) plus strength of lyrics. Peter Daltrey has one of the best voices still going from the Sixties (kept in prime condition saved from endless live performances) and the time has come to partake of this well kept secret. With his songs he takes us back on a nostalgic look at his life and to his three teenage friends who shared his hopes and dreams. Daltrey has the ability to make us feel a part of this, reminding us of our own youths. `Faye goes Dreaming` sublime drifting phased beauty as Japanese sounding pipe music takes you into a dream. Peter`s quintessential English phrasing. Haunting, magical stuff. Stunning. `English Roses` is an incredible piece of music and the best song we`ve had the pleasure to review in a long time. Peter`s voice hangs, quivers and grabs. The bass grandiose booms splendidly accompanied by some tasteful Spanish guitar (no drums as on many of the tracks.) Staggering. `English Roses` is nothing less than brilliant. We receive many releases here for review and are choosy, but we have no hesitation in recommending this one. If it is mediocrity that you seek then avoid this at all costs.




released October 11, 2014

Written, performed & produced by Peter Daltrey



all rights reserved
`English Roses`

There is a painting in a room in our house:
A girl with English roses
We see a lamb tangled in the briar
There are birds in the sky – I think they`re ravens

My boy is growing – he`s taller than me
He plays electric guitar; he`s got a bloody razor
I remember crossing roads, his hand in mine
He dreams now with the music so loud

There is a grave near here: four thousand years old
You walk across fields on rising ground
It`s dark inside. It`s cold and so quiet
It`s a wonderful place to be

There is a painting in a room in our house:
A girl with English roses
We see a lamb tangled in the briar
The sky is filled with ravens

Copyright:Peter Daltrey 2014